MikoMan Evolves

I’ve continued to change MikoMan to meet the needs of the voyage. Most of the seats have been removed providing more room and reducing weight.

The shelter at the rear of the boat is being built and will include the control console, two bunks, the battery box, solar panel regulator and cooking area.

More work and MikoMan continues to evolve. This included installing the bunks and rain tarps, painting the boat, and adding LED headlights (for emergency) and an inside overhead light.

Cabin start
Start of the "Cabin"

“Cabin” taking shape with temporary roof. The final plastic corrugated roof (to save weight) will be installed at the launch site

Zeke on MikoMan
Zeke on the bow of the newly painted MikoMan
MikoMan Crew Bunks
Crew bunks with rain flaps down
sewing rain flaps
Kathy pitches in and sews rain flaps for the boat
rain flaps on MikoMan
Rain flaps rolled up
Wet Run #2
MikoMan is nearly finished and taken on a test “Wet Run” in the wind on Lake Namekagon

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