Day 38 – Oct 13, 2018

Waiting for the fog to clear a little.The River rose a few inches overnight and MikoMan was floating off the beach.

Then pushed off toward Mobile. Likely stop in an anchorage about 10 miles short of the Bay.

The River was like glass.

Started running into more industry and barges.

Reached the mouth of the Alabama River. From here on we are on the Mobile River.

Also reached the confluence with the Tensaw River. The current became more noticeable, helping us along.

Passed under the I-65 bridge at River Mile 22. This is the first automobile bridge crossing the River in 71 miles.

Just below the bridge, shoreline vegetation changed. The shore was wetter and Cypress trees were numerous. Still haven’t spotted an alligator!

Then quickly came to the Mile 14 railroad bridge.


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