Day 14 – Sept 19, 2018

Left Louisiana MO, thru a RR bridge with strong current! Passed a barge going upstream. Posted a video on Facebook showing how we deal with the sometimes very strong wake.

Approached Lock 25 and requested passage. Lock Master asked size of our boat. He said he could squeeze us through before an upstream barge.

Got into the Lock and saw a barge that initially looked like it was up against the Lock gate. Reg said he thought we had room. When the gate was opened we saw there was plenty of room.

Starting to see bluffs again on the IL side.

Now keep in mind that the temps have been in the 90s for the last days, I had half a beer after the last Lock (Reg was driving) and I’ve been on the river two weeks. From a distance, this looked to me like a castle with a thatch roof

Reg took over the wheel again!

Pulled into the Two Branch Marina outside of St Charles MO for the night. Big thunderstorm, but we were in a covered dock slip (video on Facebook).

Temp dropped but came back up after the rain, with mosquitos. It was a tough night early on.

52 Miles today – 614 total, more than 1/3 of the way.

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