Day 35 – Oct 10, 2018

Started the morning by checking the Weather Channel about hurricane Michael. We decided to stay at Demopolis until tomorrow.

Biked into town for breakfast. I had the best apple fritter of my life at the Simply Delicious bakery! This dry land thing isn’t entirely bad!

Back at the marina we decided to take MikoMan out for a short tour of the Black Warrior River. The BWR apparently is not heavily used commercially or for recreation.

It’s a little wilder. We saw Great Blue Herons, egrets and had an osprey fly within 20′ of the boat.

Soon, we did come upon a few homes and a cement plant.

Back to the marina. Had the daily get together with the Loopers. We leave tomorrow morning with six other boats. There’s a Lock three miles downriver and the lock Master loves it when we go through as a group.

Hope to get about 50 miles down the River where will anchor somewhere for the night. The goal Friday is to reach Bobby’s Fish Camp, Silas AL, for fuel and catfish!

18 Miles today – 1391 miles total

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