Day 40 – Oct 15, 2018

Started the day with a little coffee. Enjoyed watching the pelicans hunting and diving for fish at dawn. I love how they glide just inches above the water!

Took a 15 mile tour of Dog River. Seems like every inch of buildable land is built upon.

But it is a pretty piece of water. Saw our first dolphins in the Dog River bay.

Started to deconstruct MikoMan. Mixed emotions!

Kathy should be here soon with the trailer. We’ll load up MikoMan in the morning.

15 miles today. MikoMan has traveled 1635 total miles.

Thanks to the many very generous donors who helped raise $4,875 for JDRF. I will get the final thank you notes out soon.

Click below if you’d still like to help. Thanks again everyone. I really appreciate your support!

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