Day 16 – Sept 21, 2018

Light rain early morning. Stopped at the Afton Marina at their courtesy dock. Very nice marina and breakfast spot. Rode our bikes into town for groceries. Getting a little exercise everyday.

Back on the water and through the Melvin Price lock quickly using their auxiliary lock. Followed the Chain of Rocks Canal. Asian Carp jumping around the MikoMan. One hit the side of the boat.

Reg pilots us through Lock 27, last Lock on the Mississippi. Again, the lock through goes quickly thanks to having the auxiliary Lock. This lock has an entrance gate that goes up and down, instead of swinging open.

Approaching St Louis.

Now there are barges everywhere. This coupled with the faster current following confluence with the Missouri River creates a very rough and turbulent several miles of river. Not fun!

Bigger homes dot the bluffs. Some with unusual ornaments.

Headed for Hoppies Marina, Kimmswick MO, said to be the last chance for fuel for a while. Definitely the worst marina of the trip so far. Restroom was little more than an outhouse.

We walked into town, heard music, and ended up at karaoke night. Listened to a couple of good singers. Left following a Phantom of the Opera song by a guy in costume, that was a little much!

Back on the boat for what became a long night. No shelter for the MikoMan at the marina. About 1:30 AM, a large 30′ tree log floating down the river hit the boat parked ahead of us. We saw the log come loose, move upstream in an eddy, move back into the current and bear down on the MikoMan again. We kept it away with our push poles and it passed by.

I was awake for a while watching for more. Fell back asleep for the rest of the night.

53 Miles today – 687 total miles

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