Day 12 – Sept 17, 2018

Left Keokuk Marina quickly in the morning to beat a barge to Lock 19. We did it! Lock 19 has a 30+ foot drop, deepest yet.

Shoreline down from Keokuk is very industrial.

A lot of birds and butterflies.

Homes flooded, but safe.

River is dropping about 6″ each day – good news!! Made it to Quincy IL and the Art Keller (municipal) Marina. Overpriced and marginal quality, but no good choices available.

Time for crew change #3. OB finishing up after a fun week and good food! Reg taking over. OB driving Reg’s car back home. OB not enthusiastic about being seen driving a Prius!!

OB got home safely.

39 Miles today. 518 total miles!

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