Day 18 – Sept 23, 2018

Crew change starts today. Reg handing the MikoMan keys over to Doug. We made the change at Chester.

Tower Rock and nearby bluff.

Many barges today including two sets of three. Large “looper” pleasure boats passed us as we passed the barge sets creating major turbulence for the MikoMan and MikoMen. Largest barge of the trip, a 5×7 (35) passed by going upstream sending a lot of water over our bow. This was all a little intimidating!

MikoMan’s motor did burp twice. I think it was a little bad gas. We added more gas and additive and things seem OK.

Pulled into the Little River Diversion Canal for the night. Five Looper pleasure boats were already there. A quiet night. Unfortunately, we couldn’t get off the boat. So settled for a little wine, dinner cooked by Doug, and a Rock oldies radio station.

62 Miles today – 802 total miles

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