Day 32 – Oct 7, 2018

We knew it was going to be a short, easy day, so started off with a breakfast on board of eggs, toast and OJ.

Pulled out just as the SS Nonni was also leaving. We’ve traveled with them, on and off, for several days.

We had arranged to meet Ed, my sixth and final crew member at the Sumter recreation area boat ramp and campground, later today. The site is near Gainesville AL.

We pulled into the bay and tied up to a very nice dock.

We met Don and his wife who are the campground hosts. Nice people who were willing to provide information and help us with anything we needed.

After two days on the boat, one thing we really needed was just a simple walk.

Ed arrived. We drove his car to a local station, fueled up our gas cans and headed inside for a nice lunch.

The restaurant was busy with well dressed folks who had just finished services at a nearby Baptist Church.

We headed back to the bay and MikoMan. Jimmy handed off his crew keys to Ed and began his long drive home. Ed had driven 1150 miles from Cable to start his part of the adventure.

We decided to stay at the bay for the night. We’re a little concerned about the approaching storm Michael, even though the predicted track is several days south of us. We are definitely heading toward it!

Steven and his daughter Haley were camping nearby. They invited us over to share their campfire. We learned that they were hunters who often stayed at the campground. It was a very nice evening.

Hoping to get an early start in the morning heading for Demopolis AL. Hoping to get more info regarding the storm there and decide where to go from there.

16 miles today – 1320 total miles

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