Day 22 – Sept 27, 2018

It was a very nice, quiet night on the River. Started raining again at 4:30 AM. Battened down the tarps for a few more hours of sleep.

Left the inlet this morning heading for the Cumberland River.

Mouth of the Cumberland.

Dreary, rainy, 60° day again until early afternoon.

Heavy industrial shoreline in places. This is an aggregate crushing facility.

Kentucky Natural Resources people roled in and quickly netted many carp for what I assume are research purposes.

One of the last barges we passed on the Cumberland, “Miss Kathy”!

Pulling into the Green Turtle Resort Marina on Lake Barkley. A very nice facility! They found space for us.

And the resort’s namesake Green Turtles just a few feet from our slip, more than willing to chow down on the turtle food sold in the marina store.

Invited to the evening get-together of the Looper friends we’ve met on the journey.

33 Miles today – 942 total miles

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