Day 27 – Oct 2, 2018

Started the day a little earlier. We’re hoping to get a lot of miles in toward our “assault” on the Pickwick dam and lock Wednesday. We are traveling upstream against the current. This eats a lot of fuel!

River water levels are again high due to heavy rains in the watershed. The Army Corps has been releasing large volumes of water to alleviate any additional problems.

Today, more than 108,000 cubic feet of water are being released every SECOND!! Ideal water release for upstream travel is 60,000 CFS.

We’ve seen an increase in the number of residential developments along the river. It appears most are vacation homes.

Took a brief stop in Clifton and at the Clifton Marina for fuel and a quick lunch. The marina is a great stop for Loopers. Many are hanging out an extra day waiting for water levels to drop.

Some of the development and bluffs along the river.

Stopped for dinner and the night in a side channel across the river from Crump TN. Did enjoy watching the carp feed and surface near the boat. I did post a video to Facebook. There are hundreds of them!

Another great night for star gazing!

A good day! 50 miles today – 1119 total miles. We’re ready for tomorrow!

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