Day 26 – Oct 1, 2018

Later start today due to our wait for cinnamon rolls at the marina. A few of the Looper boats had already left. The Pebble Isle Marina was a good choice for the night.

Much of the early segment was undeveloped, including several wildlife refuges. Many herons and Ibis were spotted.

But we did run into this set of major transmission lines and Interstate 40.

Started to see more evidence of humankind, including this VB net on an apparent party spot.

Also encountered several housing developments, most likely second homes.

More nice bluffs today.

Only one barge, one Looper type craft and a couple of fishing boats.

Going upstream into a strong current ate fuel. Two more tougher days before we start the downstream to the Gulf.

Found a nice anchorage for the night protected by a small island. Jimmy is cooking dinner!!

47 miles today – 1069 miles total.

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