Day 21 – Sept 26, 2018

Slow start this morning. MikoMan still being worked on. Looper “pleasure boats” at the Paducah public dock.

The Loopers are doing what’s called the”Great Loop”. 6000 Miles from Chicago to the Mississippi River to the Ohio River to Mobile AL to the Atlantic north to the St Lawrence to the great lakes back to Chicago starting wherever you choose. Typically takes a year. Very friendly and helpful people!

MikoMan feeling much better this afternoon as we get started back on the Ohio River. Many thanks to the great boat Doctors at the Old Bait House in Paducah.

Back on the River heading upstream to the mouth of the Cumberland River.

Dredging barge in operation on the Ohio River.

Stopped and anchored for the night just short of the mouth of the Cumberland River.

Tomorrow we should reach Barkley Lake.

12 hard miles up the Ohio River today – 909 total miles!!

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