Day 20 – Sept 25, 2018

Started off this morning after a very strong thunderstorm with heavy rain around 5 AM.

Rain all morning. Sometimes difficult to see, but not many boats or barges out. Several power plants along the way.

MikoMan was still not feeling well and the outboard did complain. Made it to Metropolis IL, home of Superman! Picked up a few groceries and started out for Paducah, just 8 miles away.

Passed under the Metropolis highway bridge and MikoMan collapsed. A passing Looper boat rescued us with a tow back to the Metropolis dock.

It was obvious Mikoman needed an ambulance. We jumped in and she went right to the Paducah ER.

We have specialists working on her, but she’s in for the overnight.

Will update you tomorrow!

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