Day 6 – Sept 11, 2018

Noisy night at the Marina, with many trains and their horn blasts. Left MacGregor after breakfast at a downtown cafe, just a short distance from the Marina.

A little windy and weedy. Reached Guttenberg right after Lock 10. Docked to stretch our legs. Checked out downtown.

I especially liked the blue barrel chairs!

Came upon the largest barge yet, soon after Guttenberg. 14 barges!. Made the mistake of passing on the outside of his arc going around the bend. Ran into his 3+ foot wake. Almost swallowed MikoMan! Water over the bow several times, running all the way through the boat!! But we made it and learned another lesson. Ironically, the tugs name was “Titletown USA”. Admittedly, I’m not a Packer fan.

After a fuel stop at Pirates Pit Stop near Cassville, we reached Dubuque and docked at the Dubuque Yacht Basin for the night.

54 miles today, 252 total miles traveled.

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