Day 29 – Oct 4, 2018

Daylight at the Aqua Yacht Harbor Marina. Kind of a noisy night with the highway being so close. Saw many Gar fish at the fuel dock last night after dark.

Leaving the marina, heading for the Tombigbee waterway.

Mouth of the Tombigbee.

24 miles of the “channel cut”. Millions of cubic yards of material removed. Banks covered with riprap. But, it did provide a shortcut connection between the Ohio River and the gulf. Barge tows use this, but the numbers are not large.

End of the “cut” opening into Bay Springs Lake. Nice lake, good water quality. End of the riprap! Beaches prevalent.

Locked through Whitten lock with an 85′ drop, 9th largest in the US. Got through two more locks with one of the Loopers, Corsica Lady.

Just past the Whitten lock we passed under the Natchez Trace scenic roadway bridge.

Many birds today including great blue herons, osprey, pelicans and egrets.

Anchored for the night in a bay near Fulton MS, birthplace of Elvis!!

Jimmy cooked up blackened Gulf red shrimp, red beans and rice fortified with venison sausage. River living and eating is life simple!

Sunny, blue skies today, 85°.

56 miles today – 1199 total miles!

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