Day 36 – Oct 11, 2018

36th day on the Rivers. And actually back on the river after waiting out Michael.

Got up earlier this morning and joined five of the Looper boats leaving at 6:30 AM to get through the Demopolis Lock. I’m having some radio problems but still got through the lock. Two tows, one northbound and one south were waiting, but the size of our group and an earlier call to the lockmaster gave us an edge.

The outfall from the dam ran over a rocky ledge creating a nice cascade.

We brought up the rear of the group and most slowly pulled away and out of sight.

We did stay within sight of the sailboat “Chill” for most of the day.

The shoreline has changed dramatically over the many miles we’ve come. These water sculpted stone shore was new.

Sandy beaches became numerous again.

Stopped at Bashi Creek Public Use Area at River mile 145 (miles to Mobile AL). Took a bike ride to loosen up my River legs.

Got back, cruised over to the other side of the river, and ended up”rafting” (tied up to) with the”Chill” sailboat we’d been following all day.

Shared stories and drinks with Keith and Patty.

Had a quick dinner and turned in for a cooler night. Ended up inside my sleeping bag!

Two barge tows passed in the night.

70 miles today – 1461 total miles – 145 miles to the Gulf.

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