Day 7 – Sept 12, 2018

Sandy beaches make great landing spots for a break or the night.

Chestnut Mountain resort and ski Hill near Aiken IL.

Spruce Harbor and Park at Bellevue IA. We tied up for a quick walk.

Through Lock 12, not the friendliest crew, but we got through smoothly.

Stopped in Savannah IL for a short walk. Briefly lost track of OB. I was walking along the rivers edge. An elderly fellow pulled his car over and asked if I needed a ride. Many friendly folks along the trip.

Smith Bay near River mile marker 527. Water going on forever in all directions. Glad there was little wind.

Again, started seeing a lot of birds in this area.

Pulled into the Fulton Marina for the night. Not fancy, but ok. Jumped on the bikes and road into town.

Passed one of two functional windmills in the US.

61 Miles today. 315 total for the adventure.

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