Day 39 – Oct 14, 2018

Got up before sunrise to get an early start to take advantage of predicted calmer winds in Mobile Bay, 12 miles away.

Beautiful sunrise! We waited for a little more light and then started South.

First look at the Mobile skyline at River mile, as MikoMan reaches 1600 miles.

The harbor becomes busy with barges, ocean freighter and a few naval vessels.

North end of the Bay is in the background.

We traveled almost 8 miles out into the bay before reaching our turn toward the marina shore.

There are no shortcuts due to shallow water over dumped dredging spoils. The wind picked up the further we went. Started encountering bigger waves and small whitecaps. Some of the waves were throwing a little water over our deck.

We wore our life jackets, and I admit I was nervous. We finally reached the turn!

Then we started going with the waves, often”surfing”. The speed would change from 8.5 to 11 MPH on a wave!

Finally reached the bridge near the marina and calmer water. It was a relief!

Pulled into the Marinas harbor. And into Dog River Marina.

Journey’s end. MikoMan and the MikoMen have traveled 1620 miles in 38 days!

On the dock with Ed, my anchor crew member.

I’ve already been asked how it feels to be done. I don’t have an answer at this moment.

Sunday afternoon at the marina on a sunny, wonderful day!

24 Miles today – 1620 total miles – many, many moments and memories. I’m glad I kept a log.

Kathy is on her way down with the trailer, and should get here tomorrow night.

More thoughts later.

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