Day 4 – Sept 9, 2018

Left the Winona Marina about 8:30 to windy conditions. Went through Lock 6 at Trempealeau without a hitch. I was ready to stop for coffee and a donut, but Dave was afraid he’d get his feet wet. So we moved on.

Kept rolling to Lock 7, just short of Lacrosse. Got held up briefly for a barge.

Going into the Lock a kayak passed us. Turns out that Belgian, Arnaud had started on skis near the Arctic circle in Canada, later switched to a bike that he road to Itaska, where he bought the kayak to paddle to New Orleans. From there he will continue to the tip of South America!

Right after the lock. By radio, I heard a person requesting passage for a row boat.

We met Dave, from the East coast a little later. He built his boat this Spring, started in the Twin Cities, and was rowing to New Orleans!

It was a very interesting few miles on the river running late some interesting people.

Many, many pleasure boats on the river today, speeding past us. Glad I didn’t try this trip in the summer.

The birdlife was again plentiful, especially in the broad wetland areas adjoining the river with eagles, pelicans and seagulls. Even saw a few monarch butterflies flitting around. Hope they’re on their way South!

Just past the Minn-Iowa border, came upon Blackhawk Park and campground near Victory, WI. What a gem of a find. Camped on the edge of the water in a beautiful spot.

55 miles today reaching River Mile 670. Heading to Prairie du Chien tomorrow for my first crew exchange!

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