Day 2 – Sept 7, 2018

Beautiful night on the edge of the beach. Many trains passed by on the other side of the river during the night. About 5:30 am a barge came passed in the darkness except for it’s bright sweeping light.

Morning came. Had a little coffee and tried to fire the outboard with no luck. Fortunately I had purchased tow insurance.

We tried to jump the motor and it fired up. On we went with thanks to BoatUS!

Stopped in Red Wing for lunch and a new battery. A boater at the local marina offered to give me a ride to get the battery. Thanks for the help Mike!

Crossed most of a very rough and windy Lake Pepin, before stopping for the night and dinner at a sandy shore of Fontenac State Park.

A sometimes challenging day with many eagles, pelicans and seagulls!

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